Matrafured – International Meeting on Chemical Sensors

Welcome to Matrafured 2022, which will take place in Visegrad, Hungary, on June 12-17, 2022.

This meeting was first established in 1972 and will celebrate its 50th anniversary in 2022. It is a single session conference held every two to three years in the beautiful, reasonably remote location of Visegrad, north of Budapest adjacent to the Danube river.

This conference is an international focal point of chemical sensor research, giving an opportunity for critical discussions, exchanging ideas and building their scientific network.

To allow for informal meetings and discussions, ample free time is allowed in the program, which is crowned each evening by the main event of the day, the lively poster session.

In the early days, the meeting was held at the Hungarian Academy of Science in Matrafured as an important meeting point for researchers in the area of ion-selective electrodes from both sides of the iron curtain. It was chiefly organized by the research groups of Ernö Pungor (BME Budapest) and Wilhelm Simon (ETH Zurich).

Today, this meeting has grown to include contributions and critical discussions on a wide range of topics related to chemical sensing, including potentiometry, dynamic electrochemistry, biosensors and sensors with optical and other transduction principles.

The participation of young researchers including doctoral students is highly encouraged and made possible by the relatively low conference registration fees.

Please mark the dates in your calendar and help make this event a highlight of this year.

Eric, Philippe, Justin, Robert and Erno